Wreck Fishing Charters

Marathon, Florida Keys

If you are looking to bend the rod and fight some big fish, a wreck fishing charter is a great choice. The waters surrounding Key Colony Beach and Marathon, Florida have many sunken ships, boats, bridge rubble and even airplanes that are home to many big fish. Just past the reef in deeper waters, large fish live on and around these artificial man-made reefs. These fish also attract even bigger predators including Bull sharks that weigh hundreds of pounds!

If you want to test your mettle, ask Captain Wayne to take you wreck fishing and see what a 100lb Amberjack on the line feels like. If you are looking for a big beautiful whole fish to put on your dinner table the wrecks offer delicious Mutton Snapper that can weigh over 20lbs! Depending on the time of year wreck fishing can also provide large Grouper, African Pompano, Permit, and the occasional Kingfish or Sailfish.

Wreck fishing is great because you can target larger fish you typically find offshore without having to go very far which gives you more time for fishing rather than traveling.

Wreck fishing can successfully be accomplished on a half-day but is also a great option to Combine with Reef fishing on a 3/4 or Full day. Contact Captain Wayne for more details and availability.

What we catch on wreck fishing charters

Mutton Snapper


Black Grouper


African Pompano

Wreck Fishing Rates

3/4 Day Reef/Wreck

Fishing Charter

$1550/ 6 hours

Full Day Wreck/Offshore

Fishing Charter

$1800/ 8 hours

Tip for mate not included 20% for a job well done!

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