Florida Keys Summertime Mahi Fishing

August 26, 2020

FL Keys MahiWith about a month left of summer, the students are getting back to the books, although not quite in the same way with Covid still hanging around. Virtual learning is the new norm for both the students and teachers as well. Talk about a learning curve. Well on a brighter note the Mahi bite is getting better here in the Florida keys by the day. Although they seem to be coming through a little later the last few seasons, they are making their way through the Keys towards the Gulf of Mexico. Mahi fishing can continue well into the fall and can be very enjoyable with the cooler winds blowing. I have noticed there haven’t been many big fish as of yet. Hopefully, they will show up soon. We have been targeting Mahi in different ways with success.

Lately, most of our fish have been under working birds (mostly Terns) and the occasional Frigate bird. Also, floating debris is a good indicator that there will be fish in the area as they will be feeding on the baitfish under these floating objects. The type of floating objects ranges from weed, wood, trees, and just about anything you could imagine to find floating in the ocean. You would be shocked by some of the things we find floating on the ocean!

Mahi MahiLike most Captains down here in the Keys I have some great stories that I would love to share with you on our next trip. Come fish aboard the Silver Fox II, our 42′ Liberty. We can share some stories and laughs and Mahi fish in a variety of ways such as trolling rigged Ballyhoo and lures, to chasing the fish down and pitching live baits in front of them. Anyways come see for yourself we’d love to take you out there and catch some of these beautiful great eating fish.

Located just off of Marathon in the Key Colony Beach Marina, (Mile Marker 53 ) we offer easy access from any of the Florida Keys. We are hand sanitizer ready but we do ask everyone to wear a buff or mask for health and safety.

Remember to keep a safe distance from each other and if you think you aren’t well, call us to reschedule your trip for when you are feeling well again.

To book your next Florida Keys Fishing Charter with the Silverfox visit our contact page or call 305-664-1415.

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