Offshore Fishing Charters

Marathon, Florida Keys

Offshore fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing in the Florida Keys. It usually involves driving the boat around hunting for pelagic species of fish that are often migrating through the waters of the Florida Keys. This includes a wide variety of species including Sailfish, Tuna, Dolphin Fish (Mahi), Wahoo, Marlin and more.

In the late spring through summer and sometimes into the fall, Mahi are usually what you will be fishing for offshore. In the winter and early spring, Sailfish are typically the target. Blackfin Tuna can be caught all year round when the conditions are right. Wahoo and Cobia are also offshore species Captain Wayne will successfully target when the conditions are right for it.

These types of Offshore fishing generally mean sight fishing and casting baits to the fish or trolling next to weed-lines and floaters. It can also mean flying kites to catch offshore fish in the winter when it is windy out as offshore fish can often be found closer to land this time of year.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Often referred to as deep-sea fishing or deep dropping, this type of fishing involves dropping baits near the bottom while further offshore. Yellow-edge Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Queen Snapper, and Swordfish can all be caught this way. This type of fishing can yield some of the most delicious fish in the sea. Captain Wayne uses and Electric reel to drop baits as deep as 1800 feet when targeting these fish to successfully retrieve your catch.

Offshore fishing typically requires a 3/4 or a full day to have the best chance of success. When the conditions are right and the fish are close enough usually in the winter an offshore trip can be done on a half-day. When deep-sea fishing and Swordfishing, Captain Wayne needs an 8-hour trip to be booked to have the best chance of success. Contact Captain Wayne for more details and availability.

What we catch on offshore fishing charters

Dolphin Fish

Blackfin Tuna



Triple Tail

What we catch on deep-sea fishing charters


Snowy Grouper

Yellowedge Grouper

Queen Snapper


Offshore Fishing Rates

1/2 Day Offshore

Fishing Charter

$1000/ 4 hours

3/4 Day Offshore

Fishing Charter

$1550/ 6 hours

Full Day Swordfish


$2250/ 10 hours

Tip for mate not included 20% for a job well done!

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