Florida Keys Fall Fishing – 2020

September 13, 2020

As I sit here in my home office (Unfortunately the one on land), I can’t help but think how many fish are pouring through right now. Lucky for them tropical depression 19 is making its way through the Keys. Until the storm passes there definitely won’t be much pressure on them. September has been a great month for fishing so far. The Mahi fishing has continued to be consistent, Mutton and Yellowtail are biting well and there are some nice Wahoo around.

Keys TunaWhat I’m looking forward to, is for the Blackfin Tuna bite to turn on. Although it has been pretty good lately it will get much better as we come into fall. They will be anywhere from the deep edge of the reef out to our deeper sea mounds and further. Most of our sea mounds (Humps) here in the keys range from 17 – 25 miles offshore.

As far as finding these beautiful, tasty creatures, we generally look for working birds and sometimes see a school just pop up and start busting live prey on the surface. On the Silver Fox II, we like to be prepared for such an occasion with preferably live bait although sometimes not available.

If live bait is not available we resort to trolling naked Ballyhoo and small feathers. If by chance the fish are down deep, I watch my depth finder and try to locate them that way. If and when I do find them I have vertical jigs aboard and a couple of spinning rods loaded with braid. I find it best to tie on about 3 or 4 feet of 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader and a 2-5 oz. vertical jig. Drop that baby down to where you think the fish are and jig it up as quickly as possible and hang on for the fight!

If you are looking for some offshore action in the heart of the Florida Keys this fall, call or text us at 305-664-1415 or visit our contact page.

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